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Candyland Party -14yr- Skittle Relay



May 2013


Lily in Canberra ACT Australia

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For my 13th party it wasn't big at all because I was away so it was just a family party. Since 13 is like the year you want a big party, I decided to make up for it on my 14th! :)

INVITATIONS:  For my invitations I wrote: Dear___ you are invited for an evening in candyland!! Get your taste buds ready cause this is going to be a sweet party!! Where:___ when____ RSVP:_____ xxLily. I printed it out on my computer and then bought some noodle boxes and placed sweets in there with the invites.

DECORATIONS:  For decoration I bought lots of tinted jars and filled them up with candy such as: starburst, marshmallows, gummy bear, jelly beans and gob stoppers which are brightly coloured and very decorative. When I think of candy I also think of bright and fluro colors, so I bought bright green, bright pink and bright yellow streamers and draped them everywhere. I then bought bright pink, bright yellow, and silver balloons and scattered them everywhere. The party was mainly going to be on my porch so I got out my brightly colored checkered table cloth and put that on my porch table. I bought a cupcake stand and used that as my centerpiece. I also tied starburst to strings and tied them to trees and I also tied blank CDs on to the trees as well to give it that rainbow look. I bought a candy shaped piƱata and hung that up by the tree. I brought out my two brightly coloured striped hammocks and hung them between trees and placed some pink and blue pillows on it. Overall it looked geat!

FOOD:  For food I had 15 cupcakes (because I was inviting 15 people) and placed them on the cupcake stand, however, I left them un iced or decorated. I then bring out my chocolate fountain and cut up strawberries and fruit and bread to dip it in. Fun but messy! I had some chips, pretzels and multicolored popcorn and of course candy!! I had 4 large bowls of candy!! I also got my little brother to wear a tux and serve kool aid and apple tiser (which looked like wine) to the guests which everyone thought was adorable. I also had a cupcake decorating station where I had three types of frosting, different sprinkles, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and lots of other toppings.

PARTY:  The guests arrived at 7:00 pm and I put on some music through my speakers (top 40) and we talked and waited for other guests to arrive. I showed them the bathroom and the voting boxes. The voting boxes were cardboard boxes that I had wrapped in wrapping paper and cut a slit on the front. On the side of one of the boxes I wrote best dressed on another I wrote best party animal and on the other I had jelly bean count. For the best dressed one I had got everyone to come in their favorite flavour of candy and people had to write down who the thought was the most original and put it in the box. The next one was party animal and though out the party people would write down on a piece of paper who was the liveliest at the party and put it in the voting box. In the third voting box a large jar full of jellybeans was on top of it and guests would write down how many jellybeans they thought were in there and then put it in the voting box. Everyone talked and danced for awhile longer and then we started games.

GAMES: First of all, we divided the guests into groups of three (5 groups) and gave each group a bowl of skittles and a straw. One person would suck on the end of the straw and make a skittle stick to the end of it and bring it across to the other bowl on the other side. The first team that got all their skittles across won each a tube of lipgloss. Then we played eating a donut (very creative name I know) I hung fifteen donuts from the ceiling of my porch roof and told everyone they had to eat the donut with your hands tied behind your back. If the donut fell you lost. The first person to eat their donut wins. The winner got two bottles of nail varnish.

Then we played a game called fate. I bought 15 brightl coloured bags and in one of them I placed a bar of chocolate and a hand lotion in and stapled it shut and in the others I placed a rock (to balance out the weight) and a dare, then I stapled them shut. I placed the bags in a circle and told the guests to pick their bag. If they found a dare they had to go do it but if they found the prize they gotta keep it. After that we sat down at my porch table and made our cupcakes the way we wanted to and then ate them. I told the guests after they finished their cupcakes and had tried out that chocolate fountain we were going to open myl presents. After that we just talked and danced. Then at 9:45 I announced the winner of the best dressed the party animal and the jellybean count. The best dressed and party animal won two bars of chocolate each and the jellybean count won the jellybean jar. Then everyone went home.

This party was AMAZING!! I absolutely LOVED it. I highly recommend a candy themed party. Enjoy :)

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