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Zebra Scrapbooking Party -13yr- Break the Ice Game



September 2011


Annie in Ann Arbor, MI USA

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For my 13th birthday party I wanted to have something special. Something none of my friends have done before. Something unique. So after a long time of planning and thinking, I decided I was going to combine my two favorite things and have a zebra- scrap booking birthday party.

For the INVITATONS, I bought 12 x 12"zebra scrap booking paper at Jo Ann Fabrics and cut that into 4 squares. Then i printed out the basic information- What When Time Place RSVP by and What to Bring 6 4" x 6" pictures and a sleeping bag in pink. I glued those together and put those in white envelopes and sent them to my 14 friends.

For DECORATIONS we went to Party City and bought zebra plates napkins cups crate paper treat bags and balloons. At the party the guests arrived at 4: 30pm and we let them eat PARTY SNACKS like chips and dip fruits and veggies and talk until everyone got there.

At 4: 30pm we started our first GAME "Break the Ice." Before hand we filled 3 bowls with water and a t- shirt. Then we put the bowls in the freezer. At the party we divided the group into teams of 4. The object of the game was to get the t- shirt out of the ice and have a team member wear it. The team that gets the t- shirt out of the ice first wins (We had little gifts for the winners of every game that we got from the Dollar Store and Bath and Body Works).

Then we headed into the dining room and played a game called "How Well Do You Really Know The Birthday Girl?" I started out by giving every guest a multiple choice test with weird questions that nobody would every know about me. Questions like: What scent is her deodorant? What time was she born at? And What is her least favorite store? The guest that got the most right one and got a little prize. After that it was 6:00 and we ate take- out from Olive Garden.

Then we ate CAKE and ice cream For my cake we went to a local Bakery and ordered a 3 tier zebra and pink white cake that read "Happy 13th Birthday Annie" .

Then it was time to scrapbook!! Before the party I already made little scrapbooks for everyone made out of 4 squares of card stock paper tied together by ribbon at the top. We all gathered in my finished basement and I laid out my zebra comforter on the floor surrounded by pillows.

To create our scrapbooks I bought ABC letter stickers embellishments paper ribbon crazy scissors and tape glue sticks and glue dots. Everyone used there pictures they brought and we worked on those for about an hour. (For the 2 extra pages in the scrapbook we took a group picture and a picture of the guest and me and that night printed those out at a instant photo at Sam's Club or CVS Pharmacy so later that night we scrap booked them). After that I opened presents and we settled down and watched a few romantic comedies like "The Proposal" "Shes the Man" "27 Dresses" and "Devil Wears Prada".

When we were done with that about 3 girls had fallen asleep and we used whipped cream and made smiley faces with it on their faces. We played truth or dare and then fell asleep. The next morning we woke up and my mom had made pancakes fruit bacon eggs bagels toast milk and juice. What a spread!!  

At 11am parents started to arrive and I gave out zebra gift bags filled with FAVORS like lip gloss smelly lotion 5 gum and Jolly Ranchers. Then of course they got to take home their scrapbooks. My party was probably the funnest birthday party any of my friends had ever been to. Everyone loved it!! I hope you liked my ideas and have a really fun party too!!! "

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