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The Good Times -13yr- Tomogatchi Game



December 2004


Jillian in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA

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I think that the 13th birthday should be special.  After all, you are finally a teenager!  So for my 13th birthday, I had a "Look Back At The Good Times" Party!!! 

INVITATIONS:  For my invitation, I created a timeline from the year I was born until I turned 13, with one or two major events or fads inbetween.  I decorated it with pictures and stickers and I wrote the information on the back.  The info read NAME WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO A LOOK BACK AT THE GOOD TIMES BIRTHDAY PARTY TO CELEBRATE HER FIRST BIRTHDAY AS A TEENAGER!  THE CELEBRATION WILL BE HELD AT ADDRESS ON DATE AT TIME UNTIL DATE AT TIME.  TO RSVP, CALL PHONE NUMBER BY DATE.  PLEASE START THINKING OF YOUR FAVORITE FAD FROM YEAR BIRTHDAY GIRL WAS BORN IN UNTIL NOW, SUCH AS IPODS OR AMERICAN IDOL.  Mail it!  A very simple yet creative and elegant invitation! 

DECORATIONS/FOOD:  There really isn't much of a theme in this category, so just hang up a bunch of streamers and balloons in the birthday girl's favorite color.  I would recommend setting up a buffet table.  I had regular pizza, a chocolate cake with different years in frosting (just the dates, like 1999, 2004, etc.), waffles and doughnuts for breakfast, and chips, cookies, popcorn, soda, and the regular sleepover food for the buffet table. 

THE PARTY:  AS the kids came, they wrote down their favorite fad on a piece of paper and slipped it into a jar.  They were NOT to write their name on, because that would be a game later.  Then, we ate pizza.  After that, we played our first game. I told them about how everyone likes to burn songs today, which everyone could relate to.  I said that you were trying to download some new songs, but all of the titles and artists got mixed up!  So you had to match the artist up with it's right song/songs. 

This game was called MUSICAL MIX-UP.  This was also a good game because I choose songs that were popular right now and songs that were popular a while ago.  Everybody got an envelope with pieces of paper in it.  There were 10 song titles and 10 artist names.  The first person to correctly match up all the titles with their right artist won a CD with those songs on it burned by me.  The songs varied from THE MACARENA to YEAH to WE LIKE TO PARTY. 

Our next game had to do with Beanie Babies, since they were so popular in the 90s.  Luckily, my brother has a collection of over 300 beanie babies, and at least 5 of each common ones.  I had a BEANIE BABIE SCAVENGER HUNT.  I had one of each animal, like an elephant, cat, and dog.  The clues directed them throughout the house, where they would find a beanie babie clutching a clue in each place they were directed to.  The winner got a beanie babie that my brother didn't mind giving up. 

After that, we did a BARBIE GIRL FASHION SHOW.  The girls got into teams and each group was give 2 trashbags, scissors, paper, tape, and markers and were asked to create an outfit for the model to wear that looked like something a Barbie doll would wear.  Only one person was the model in each group and they couldn't help the designer/designers.  They had to create shoes, a hat, a dress or a bottom (pants or skirt) and a shirt.  Each group had 20 minutes to do so.  After the 20 minutes was up, the models modeled their look while the BARBIE GIRL song played in the background.  There was no winner in this game, it was all for fun. 

Next, we had cake and opened presents.  After that, we had a reality show game, which everyone loved.  We called it AMERICAN IDOL TWISTED.  Each guest, one at a time, picked out a judge's name out of a hat, either Randy, Simon, or Paula.  That person had to sing like that judge and audition in front of the rest of the girls.  The girls could choose to be any judge they want and make comments.  However, we told them to be funny, not hurtful.  Like, it was okay for girls who were being Simon to be mean, but it would not be funny for someone to be Paula and act like Simon.  Then, everyone closed their eyes and everyone voted for who the best IMPERSONATOR was, not the best singer.  That person got a fake medal and a chance to sing one last song like they do on American Idol.  After that, we played a game that had to do with cellphones, since all of the cool changes made to cellphones was recenty made. 

We played a game of CELLPHONE, instead of Telephone.  Many of the girls had cellphones, but some didn't, and that was okay.  If you had a cellphone and were sitting next to a girl with a cellphone, you would call her up and tell her the secret message.  If that person didn't have a cellphone, or you didn't, you could use other girls' cellphones, or just wisper it into their ear. 

Next, we played a game called HAVE A TOMOGATCHI FOR A DAY.  We explained that Tomogatchis were little handheld game things and if you didn't take care of them, they would die.  So we had the kids get into groups of 2.  One of the 2 would be a human tomogatchi.  The other person would be the owner of the tomogatchi.  The owner had to "wake up", eat breakfast, "feed" the tomogatchi, get "dressed", go to "school", come back, "feed" the tomogatchi, do homework, eat dinner, "feed" the tomogatchi, "play" video games, "play" with the tomogatchi, and go to bed. 

We had a blanket and a pillow and the owner had to get up from that, then go to the buffet table and eat 3 chips for breakfast, press the nose of the tomogatchi person 3 times to feed it, put an oversized dress on, go to a table and write their name 5 times on a piece of paper, come back and do the nose thing, go and write their name 5 times again, eat 3 more chips, do the nose thing, put the volume up 3 bars on the TV and back down 3 bars, press the tomogatchi's nose 6 times, and get under the blanket again. 

After one person on a team did it, they switched places.  The human tomogatchi could run around the room making it hard for the other person to catch them, wich is good for the human tomogatchi.  Whoever did all of the stuff the quickest, got a Tomogatchi.  If those are too expensive for your budget, try small handheld games instead.  After that, we just watched old and new movie, like MEAN GIRLS and GOOD BURGER.  In the morning, we ate breakfast, gave out goody bags, and their parents came to pick them up. 

GOODY BAGS:  In their goody bags was a CD with a lot of popular songs from the 90s until now, candy, a poster of NSYNC (everyone loved those guys), and one of those plastic choker things.  I HOPED MY IDEAS HELPED YOU.  THE POSSIBILITIES TO THIS PARTY REALLY ARE ENDLESS.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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