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April 2010


Claire in Fairfax, Virginia USA

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Last year, my sisters and I all invited a few friends over for the end of the summer. We had a BBQ and a huge truth or dare game in our family room. My younger sister is 12 this year, I'm 14, and my older sister is 16 so there obviously is an age difference between my younger and older sister. That is why we decided to go to an amusement park this year.(My older sister can walk alone with her friends and me, my sister, and our friends can go together along with my parents)

Invitation: For the invitation, I got these Six Flags Key chain from my previous six flag trip. (I knew I was going to do this)  Then I typed up each information (When, Where, What, Why) on the computer.(Make sure it's on Color piece of paper) I then got my mom to laminate them at her office. Then, I hole punched them and put them into the key chain ring. They were really cute. Oh! I also told them to bring $50 on one of the slips.

The day of the Party: On the last day of school, have your friends come home with you. If you have more then 2 kids, have each invite about 1-2 friends so that things don't get too out of control. When they come home have a little snack. Then take out some plain white t-shirts and fabric markers and have each kid decorate them. (My sister comes home at a different time then me so that will give us something to do while we are waiting) They are going to wear these shirts at the amusement park, over their bathing suits, so they can be easily identified. You can also plug in a movie or turn on the t.v. while they decorate so that if a child finishes before everyone else they will still be entertained. While they are decorating, start barbecuing outside so that when the kids are finished, they can eat. Have some drinks in a cooler outside so they can remain cold.

When the kids are finish, tell them to come outside to eat.(My parents made hamburgers, hot dogs, and salad) If you don't want to make all three, just BBQ one. While they are eating, go inside to eat so the kids can have some personal time to talk about things. It would be awkward for your kids to talk to their friends while you are listening. This year, my sisters and I were also going to sleep in tents outside. If you have more then 1 kid, have them talk to each other on weather they would like to share a tent or not. If they want to, buy or rent a big tent. If they don't want to, buy/rent two small tents.

Since it would be fun trying to set up the tents, that's what we did for the next hour. We're going to get two tents (I have 2 sisters plus me equals 3 and we were all inviting 1-3 people. Which is 8 people) Of course we are just kids so I got my dad to make sure the tent is sturdy. When he's done checking the tents, move your sleeping bags into the tents. If you don't want to sleep outside, you can build a tent inside using bedding sheets and couches. Or if you are too lazy to make a tent, just set up the sleeping area. When you are all finish setting up the sleeping area, it should be around 7:30 p.m.

Then have each kid and their friend just venture off on their own. This will give them personal time with their friends and allow them time to gossip, talk, and hang out. At 8:30 call them back and go outside. It is now time for SMORES! Have them roast marshmallows on a bonfire.

After smores, it is now time for them to sleep. They will then go in their tents to sleep. (Don't worry, they won't fall asleep yet) Tell both tents that the other tents are planning to prank them when they fall asleep. This part was really fun. My friends and I kept trying to prank my sisters friends and vice versa. If you don't want to do this, you can have a big truth or dare game instead. Allow each girl 2 passes in case they really don't feel comfortable doing that dare/truth. Eventually, everyone will fall asleep.

The Next Day: Wake up the girls at 7-8 a.m..(Depends if the girls can wake up that early) Set up a buffet with parfait ingredients. When they wake up, tell them to make their own parfait, using the ingredients, and eat them. Then tell them to get dressed. At 8-9 a.m. get the girls in the car and start driving to an amusement park. We are going to six flags so its going to take a while to drive there. When you get there, buy the tickets. Then, when you get pass security, decide where each group is going to go.(Non-Water rides only) Make sure each group has at least one cellphone.

Also tell each group to meet you at a certain restaurant by 12 p.m. Then have them go off in their groups. When you guys meet again at the restaurant, have each kid pick and order what they want to eat. When your done, tell them to meet you by the bathroom at 4p.m. Also them them that they can now go to the water park if they wanted to. At 4 p.m. meet them by the bathroom. Have them quickly rinse and change into dry clothes. After everyone changed, go to the car and start driving home. When you get home, have each girl sign each other shirts. Play outside while waiting for their parents to pick them up.

Favors: For their favors, they got to keep their invitations and their shirts. They also got a picture of the party and a cartoon drawling of them they got at six flags. Thank you for reading my idea. I hope you at least got a several ideas from reading this, if you didn't like it. 

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