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Magical Forest Party -15yr- Water Fairies



March 2012


Charlie in Halifax, NS, Canada


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For my 15th birthday I wanted to add some of my former inner child self into it, I wanted something that was different than other birthdays I had, so a Magical Forest themed party sounded excellent to me. 

INVITATIONS: for my invites I found pictures of enchanting forests on the net and made the outside of the card full of entrances into forests. On the inside, I used the Zodiac sign element that the person I was sending it to had. For example, one of my friends was a Cancer, so on the inside of her card there was everything that represented Cancer's element which is Water.

I glued in pictures of Water Goddesses, Water Fairies, and Mermaids, everything that represented Water, I also added the Cancer sign in there also. Then in the center of the card in fancy lettering I wrote the time, place, and when it was. That was how I handled my cards.

DECORATIONS: I held the party in my attic, I had a pull-out couch up and a blow up bed set up and placed in the corner of the room. On the ceiling I had large fabric of ribbon hanging down in colors of mostly green but a tad of blue. I also had pictures of fairies, gnomes, unicorns, elves, and goddesses hanging down by strings off the ceiling.

Also in the background I had on nature music with the sounds of a running stream and birds singing. I had flower pots on the ground with flowers the colors of red, blue, white, and green (element colors), little statues of fairies, unicorns, and gnomes. And also empty jam jars with a small light in them to look like real fairies.

ACTIVITIES: I decided to change up my game and forgot about the make-overs, the nail polishing, and scary movies. Instead I had craft games like creating a fairy crown, fairy houses, and mermaid pearl necklaces, I had movies on Fairies and Mermaids (Fairy Tale: A True Story, Splash, etc). 

PARTY SNACKS: I had cupcakes with green icing that looked like grass with little fairy figures on top, chips, cookies brownies with edible pearls that either had the colors blue, red, white, or green. And for dinner I had a big platter of sushi

CAKE: I had a DQ cake with a picture of a forest on it. I really enjoyed making this party, I felt like a 5 year old again with that huge imagination! This really is a must do. I think my friends were expecting just a movie and pizza, not craft games, storytelling, and a Magical Forest themed party. I bet it brought out there inner 5 year old also.  -I started my party around 5pm. So it was still light out when we started the crafts.-

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