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Masquarade Party -18yr- Victorian Vampire



January 2006


Karla in Las Vegas


Teen Masquerade Party

I'm going to be 18 this coming October 31,yes on Halloween. So I'm doing a Victorian Vampire Masquerade ball.

Everyone will wear mask and vampire teeth even the staff.  

The colors I picked are  hot pink, black and silver.  My father got a really nice reception hall for me.

The invitations will be hot pink with black and a Swarovski crystal trim.

The tables will have black tablecloths hot pink table setings with real silverwear and in the center of each table will be a black rose a mask decorated with silver Swarovski crystal and silver candles.

The day of the party my 3 best friends are coming over and we will go get hair & nails done so we look good for the party.

Then we will go back to my house to get dressed,my dress by the way is this great silver and black Victorian corset type dress that I'm still getting fitted for.

After we are done getting all dolled up my father will have a limo waiting for us to take us to the party.

When we get there as soon as we enter (my three friends and myself) the D.J. will play the Transylvanian Concubine it's the song they played on Buffy  (yes, the vampire slayer) for Drucilla's birthday party.

We will spend the rest of the night dancing,drinking(cider)(haha right)and having fun with all my friends.  All in all I hope everything gos as planed and good luck with what ever you are planing ;)

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