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Survivor Luau -13yr- Photo Scavenger Hunt



May 2012


Aubrey in tulsa, Oklahoma United States


Teen Tropical Luau Party

I haven't had the party yet ,but i have it already planned out.

INVITES: for the invitations i decided to use some of those message in the bottles that party city has and attach a balloon to the bottles. Inside the balloons will be confetti and have a special note in it. I will then bring the invites to all of my friends.

DECORATIONS: i live at an apartment complex and there's a clubhouse that we will eat and play some of the games.In the clubhouse will be luau decorations. There is also a pool and around the pool gate I'll put lights so it wont be that dark at night.

PARTY: when the guest arrive my mom will take their bags and put them inside and lock the clubhouse. The only way to get into the clubhouse and go to the party is to play the games of survivor.

GAMES: EAT THE DOUGHNUT/ to play you need rope and a a couple of doughnuts. Place the doughnuts on the rope (using the rope to put in the holes) tie the rope between two trees. Have people playing place their hands behind their backs and have them eat the doughnuts as fast as they can.

1) TAPO (Tapo is take a picture of)  Apartment 3203
2) Glow stick 
3) TAPO of a red car
4)Chalk (write team color on concrete where you found the chalk) TAPO it
9)Ping pong balls (x2)
10)Lei 11)Flip flops (a pair)

SARDINES/ One person hides, and everyone else spreads out. It's important to be looking by you and when one person finds the hider, they get in the hiding spot with them. This continues until there is only one person left trying to find the hiders. When the last person finds them then she becomes it for the next game.

MARSHMALLOW FIGHT/the name kind of speaks for itself, buy marshmallows,and throw them at each other.

FIND THE MESSAGES/ place pieces of messages in balloon (deflated) and blow them up. Hide the balloons and have everyone pop the balloons and connected the messages together.

CUPCAKE WARS/ bake cupcakes before party. Have icing and decorations like confetti or something to place on cupcakes besides icing. Have a couple of judges and have each team decorate a couple of cupcakes. Then we swim and sleep".

FOOD: for food we will have the cupcakes from the cupcake wars for dinner we will eat pizza and cupcakes. When we wake up we will eat eggs and bacon (probably cook it over fire) Hope you got some ideas from this :)"

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