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Hawiian Night Spa -12yr- Fashion Show



August 2003


Sarah in Fredericton NewBrunswick Canada


Teen Tropical Luau Party

A hawiian night spa-well I'm turning 12 this winter and for my party I can't decide weather to have a hawiian luau or girls night out spa so I put them together when the girls come I will give them their name tags writen in hawiian and we will play a name game to know everyones hawaiin name so we can call each other that during the party.

Before the name game I gave them leis grass skirts and lei braclets we got them to bring their bathing suits so that we could soak in my bath tub with jets while we made appointments for our differents stations my mom got the play money ready they were givin each 1000$ in a take home coin purse after we were done making appointments we explained how it was going to work we could not see each other until the fashion show.  

They were told to bring their coolest outfit they dressed up in them before we got pampered we had nylon/plastic table clothes on them so that it would not ruin their clothes your probably wondering how we got it so the coulden't see eachother they had take home sleep masks on while someone lead them to their next appointment.

So when we were all done getting make up, hair, facials and nails done we were led dowstairs for a fashion show, although we still had sleep masks on.  So once we got in front of the curtain we could take off our masks off and show off to the judges they tooks before and after pictures of us we could only see eachother after the fashion show was done so after we were done on the catwalk we had to put on our masks and sit down until it was over.

After that we got our swim suits on we had people do our massages and we went in the bathtud one by one for ten minutes each then we kept our bathing suits on and got our grass skirts on and or leis and we ate fruit kabobs and hawaiian type foods then we had cake and opened presents then we went up to my room and watched lilo and stitch because it's hawaiian themed.

In the morning there will be a hotel style buffet breakfast buffet we'll eat get our treat bags and then we'll have a vote for the fashion show with the pictures and look and vote for best dressed best poise and best color etc then we'll have an auction with prizes we'll use the remainders of our moneyafter the auction it will be lunch time and we'll make subs or tacos and then their parents will pick them up.

TIP-only invite a couple of people so ur parents don't go through a tough time and thank your parents a lot after cause this is gonna be the best birthday ever!

I hope you have fun at ur birthday party

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