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Luau Swimming Party -13yr- Lei Invitation



June 2011


Rosey in Cottage Grove Oregon USA


Teen Tropical Luau Party

My 13th birthday luau was so much fun! I believe that at any age, you can throw a really fun and entertaining luau!

INVITATIONS: I went to Party City and bought a bunch of leis. They were pink, purple, blue, neon green, yellow, and orange. I then typed up all the info for my party with neon colors like the leis and then printed the papers out. I cut them to size and clipped them to the leis for my invites. I invited about 15 people over, boys and girls. Everyone stayed from 2:00 PM- 10:00 PM. Except some of my best friends were going to stay the night. Me and a couple of my friends went around to people's houses giving them the invites. It was fun making them, and giving them!

DECORATIONS: When I was at Party City me and my mom bought a million different decorations! Like flip flop lights, tableware, tiki torches, platters, tableskirts and much more! We decorated my WHOLE backyard in lights, torches, and everything else!

ACTIVITIES: Me and my family have a HUGE pool in the yard so I told everybody to bring something that they can swim in. Also we have a basketball hoop and volleyball net. We live right next to a park so my mom said it would be ok to walk down there and just hang out.

There was a fair/carnival going on near my house and my parents drove us to it for a couple hours. When we got back, we swam and I had my Ipod touch and some speakers and danced around.

GAMES: We had a really big waterballoon fight, boys against girls and it was really fun! There was only about 6 guys and 9 girls so it was uneven but everyone still had a blast. We played soccer, volleyball, & basketball. I had contests like, who could put the most Warheads into their mouth. (Warheads are really sour candies) The winner got a huge bag of candy!

COSTUMES: Everybody wore leis and I had a hula skirt, and I almost convinced my little brother to wear a coconut bra!

SNACKS: At Party City I got a blow up cooler with a 6 foot palm tree! We filled the cooler with ice and then put soda and gatorade in there like, Coke, Dr. Pepper, 7-UP, Red Gatorade, and Blue Gatorade. At around 7:00 we ordered pizza from Dominos. Pepperoni, Cheese, and of course, Hawaiian.

CAKE: For the cake, we had a 3 layer coconut cake and it was real yummy! It went with the luau theme well. Lol.

FAVORS: Everybody that came got a beach ball that people could sign, their lei, a bag of candy, and whatever they won at one of the contests! Luaus are so much fun and I recommend doing one if you're wondering what theme you should do for your next party! You'll surely have fun and it's not costly at all. Hope this helped ya! ^_^

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