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Hotel By The Mall -13yr- Hot or Not



July 2012


Caitlin in Chino Hills , California

Honorable Mention

Teen Hotel Party

For my 13th birthday I wanted to have a sleepover but one like none of my friends have ever been to . so I decided to host my sleepover at the Embassy Suites in Brea, Ca.

INVITATIONS : for my invitations, I went to my local scrapbooking store, gave them all the details of my party, told them my color scheme (pink, black, white, and pink, black, white, and silver glitter and sparkles) and told them to do anything they wanted with them. My invites ended up very cute!  They were made on black glittery  paper with an over lay paper that was hot pink with a white border and had all the info on it written in black and was finished off with a white bow on top.

DECORATIONS : my mom asked for an early check in and told them our situation and they allowed her & I to come in at 12 o'clock to decorate . We didn't go too crazy because it was in a hotel but we did put a table cloth on the table with a pink black and white balloon boquet in the center and pink black and white confetti scattered all over the table.  We then put balloons in various places around the suite, put some pink, black, and white centerpieces on the night stand and hung a pink black and white happy birthday sign .

ACTIVITIES: when we first arrived at the hotel we unpacked and got ready to go swimming. We swam for a while and then went back up to get ready to go out to dinner. We went to bj's which is like three minutes away to have pizza, then we went to downtown Brea to go have ice cream at Farrels. They put a candle in one of their ice creams and it serves up to ten people, so that doubled  as my cake as well. We walked around downtown for a while then we decided to go back to the hotel. We hung out there for about fifteen minutes.

Since the hotel is right next door to the Brea mall, my mom made a mall scavenger hunt list that included things like wear a strangers shirt, get some one to sing to you, find money on they ground among several others . So we broke into two teams of three and went out to complete everything. Since we all have I phones that's what we used to film everything, the first team back won, which was my team then we contacted the other team and watched as they completed the rest of the taks. After that we shopped for a little . Then we returned to the hotel for a night swim. We swam for a little then roamed around the hotel and later we went back up , got in our pjs and watched bridesmaids, which is our favorite movie of all time & I opened my presents. After that we just pretty much hung out talked, played truth or dare, hot or not , and that sort of thing by then it was really late and we all fell asleep .

GAMES : As I said earlier, we went on a mall scavenger hunt, & played truth or dare, and hot or not . I already described the scavenger hunt, but for truth or dare I had previously made a list which included things like prank clling your crush, wear a bra over your clothes and go into an elevator with people in it, introduce yourself to someone walking by , and many other hilarious ones . How we played is we all sat in a circle and I got to choose the first person, then we asked the person truth or dare and if they choose the dare we went into the dare jar which was a jar  that had slips of papers that read all the dares no one picked truth so we didn’t have to worry about that.

For hot or not, I had previously written down the name of every boy at our school on slips and we would choose one in the same order that we played truth or dare and we each said whether he was hot or not. Note: we didn't know every single boy that went to our school so I took our yearbook to see, then we played another variation of the game where you pick two names and say which is hotter between the two .

COSTUMES: we didn’t really have 'costumes' but everyone wore the clothes they came to the party in a swimsuit, a change of clothes, a sweat shirt, a tank top, pj', and a change of clothes for the next day.

PARTY SNACKS: for snacks we had chips, takis, hot cheetos, cheeto puffs, and limon chips. We ate dinner at bj's and there we all ate ceasar salad, pizza , and we all had a drink . For drinks at the hotel we had water , sprite, root beer, orange jarritttos,Mexican soda, and I made cherry kool aid ice cubes before and we took those to the party, put them in the ice bucket, and we put those in our sprite - it creates the best tasting drink ever !!! We also had tooooooons of candy! We had starburst, sour gummy worms, red vines, pixy stix, and I can't remember the rest but there were a looooot more!  We also had Farrels ice cream and we had popcorn at the hotel.

CAKE: I didn't really have a cake at my party, we just had them put a candle in the ice cream at Farrels and it doubled as a cake because everyone sang and I still got to blow the candles out :)

FAVORS: for favors , everyone got a pink chocolate cupcake with pink && whit frosting,tons of candy and a certificate for Baskin Robbins. All in all, my party was a great success .

I also forgot to mention that my mom did stay over night with us, but in a room on the level below. I hope I gave you some ideas on how to make your birthday one you'll never forget, because I don’t think I will ever forget mine !!! :)

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