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July 2010


Kimberly in Kansas City, MO USA

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Teen Hotel Party

Diva Weekend 2010  This year we had a Girl Friend Get Away for my daughter & 21 of her friends, cousins & aunts. Some even traveled several hours from Wichita Kansas to Kansas City for the party. We started planning months in advance.  Collecting all the needed supplies & making the reservations.  

The Invitations: (mailed off in a Hot Pink Envelope) Broke it all down with a letter that included the weekend plans & a Card Stock Ticket that looked like a concert ticket the letter read:   Guess What! It's Finally Here! DIVA WEEKEND 2010!     We are pleased to present to you YOUR ticket to the greatest Girls Only Weekend Get Away ever!  Starting Friday, April 30th we are meeting between 4:30pm and 5:00pm at the Marriott Hotel where the non-stop activities planned until Noon on Sunday, May 2nd are sure to have something you will enjoy!  Included is a copy of itinerary and directions to the hotel. As you will read there is A LOT going on this weekend. We have everything from the Mall Scavenger Hunt to a Professional Photographer taking photos in several locations around the city!!!     Obviously, every Diva has to have luggage! While we have a large selection of prom & cocktail dresses for the girls to choose from, if you have a favorite by all means bring it! Here is the recommended luggage to bring along:  Bring your fanciest outfit   Nice Dress Clothes/Business Looking Outfit  Dress shoes or heels  Pajamas, Bath Robe (if you have one) & tooth brush  Swimming Suit  Sleeping Bag & Pillow   Oh, PLEASE don't forget your sneakers.. After we eat on Saturday night the Scavenger Hunt at the Mall begins! And you'll want your comfortable shoes for the fun!      

All food and sleeping accommodations are provided for the girls. We have reserved two rooms at the Overland Park Marriot Hotel for both Friday & Saturday nights. We will also have a special room to use for our make-overs & wardrobe selections!   *** For the moms and other adult ladies attending, several have expressed interest in getting their own rooms or splitting the rooms amongst themselves. If you are interested in this option, please let me know ASAP so it can be arranged ***   Among the meals provided we will be going out to dinner Saturday night at a nice restaurant in Independence.  We will be meeting at The Marriot Hotel.  RSVP by either calling or texing.  We MUST receive your confirmation that you will be joining us NO later than Friday, April 23rd so we can make the final hotel & restaurant reservations & make sure we have everything in order JUST FOR YOU!!!!    We are very excited & look forward to hearing from you real soon!  Love,Sierra & Kimberly  Date: Friday, April 30th 2009  Sunday, May 2nd 2009  Theme:  Unleashing the Divas  Plan:  Friday, April 30th·   4:30pm - 5:00pm Meet at the Marriott ·  5pm - 6pm Swimming·  6pm - 8pm Finger Foods at the Hotel, Game·   8pm ??? Make-Overs & Wardrobe Selection   Saturday, May 1st·   8am Breakfast in the room·   9am - 11:30am Beauty Shop (curling hair & putting on a little make up)·   Noon -  5pm Photo Shoot    (Lunch & Drinks provided during shoot)  1.   Downtown Business District  Business Clothes  2.    The Plaza Water Front/Plaza Shopping  Fancy Dinner Clothes  3.   Loose Park  Prom Dresses·   5:30pm - 7pm Swimming·   7pm - 7:15pm Dinner· 7:15pm - 8:45pm Scavenger Hunt·   9:30pm-??? Relaxing & Craft Project   Sunday, May 2nd ·   8am Breakfast in the room·   11am  Check out of Hotel  Mall Scavenger Hunt 

The Decorations, Food & Party Favors were simple because we rented for 2 nights a 3 room suite at the hotel. It had a large conference table, kitchenette, couches and plenty of space. So, the decorations were in the party favors & table decor.   On the side wall table, I placed the hot pink purses (silky material with black felt & glitter flowers on them) used as goodie-bags filled with a lip gloss, entire make up set & a moisturizing cream for the Divas while the Jr Divas (ages 2-8) received a brush & comb set instead of the moisturizer.    

On the large table we laid out large trays of food. There were 2 sizes of round black plates as well as a medium sized square hot pink plate. The forks, knives & spoons were all black. To add to the decorations we added pink flamingo  & pineapple stir sticks & straws for use with the drinks. As for Drinks, we had clear plastic wine glasses to fill with either Lemonade or Sprite with Cotton Candy or Fruit Garnish.  The cocktail umbrella  decorated trays consisted of fruits like 3 kinds of grapes, strawberries & kiwi, fresh cut pineapple with the top as a center piece of the tray,  Cheese Cubes and Summer Sausage. A tray of Veggies like 3 colors of Bell pepper slices, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and fresh sugar peas all served with ranch in small clear cups. Then there was the sweet end of the table. The silver trays were covered with mini eclairs, cream puffs, praline spirals & butter cookies and of course the 3 tiered tray of mini chocolate covered cakes.  

The center of the table had 5 tall glass votive holders, a large matching dish of pink wrapped raspberry kisses, assorted pink heart shaped gummy candies, and smaller coordinating glass containers of pink M&Ms, pink wrapped pillow mints, followed with Pink & Red long stemmed suckers sticking out the tops of them all    In the sitting area of the room we had our Spa Place Trays. These were piled full of Facial Masks, Pink Beaded Elastic Hair Bands, Pink Manicure/Pedicure Kits, Moisturizing Cream, Hot Pink Wash Clothes, A professional Manicure Kit with nail dryer & rotary tool, A ton of finger nail polish,  gems and adhesive applications and individual hot pink double sided cosmetic mirrors.    All the Divas were able to take home their Goodie-bag purse & contents, manicure/pedicure set, pink beaded hair wrap and a Journal that read It's All About Me. The Jr Divas had a photo album instead of the journal.  

Activities:  Our activities, among the many,  included swimming in the hotel pool upon arrival as well as Saturday evening.  Once all the girls arrived, they started filling their plates with food and then all sat down to get to know each other as half the girls were from out of state while the others half are Sierra's new school friends. Once the main munchies attack was over the girls started on their make overs.  Each girl was given a pink beaded elastic head wrap to hold back their hair while in a small cup they received some mint scented green facial mask. They used the small mirrors as well as each other to apply the coating and then placed cucumber slices over their eyes while waiting the 15 minutes to wipe off the dried mask. Each taking a wash cloth the scrubbing began, along with squeals & giggles, as they commented on their faces feeling tingley .   After collecting all the used clothes, the girls went to work on each other's manicures & pedicures. After filing, shaping & painting, the details began with the appliqu's and polish made with tiny brushes for design work.  After the make-overs were finished the prom & cocktail dresses exploded from the closet! With over 83 different dresses to choose from the girls attacked them! They traded, showed the adults and traded again until after about 2 hours they found the dresses they really liked & fit. The dresses were then all piled up and the girls all made out their sleeping bags slumber party style to giggle & gossip.

They actually went to sleep a reasonable midnight partly because Saturday morning was early & they wanted to look rested.    Saturday morning with the help of a professional photographer & my sister's really nice camera we ventured into downtown KC for photos of the girls. After finishing the downtown session we loaded up in the cars and headed to the Country Club Plaza shopping area for pictures there. Everything from being in a store display window to the water walk came out very well. After complaining they were starving we headed to a local park for a picnic lunch of sandwiches & fruit. The flavored bottled water was also well received (much better than a caffeine crash later), after a touch up of the make-up,  the large (and very clean) restroom was invaded for the girls to change from their cocktail dresses into the prom dresses.

This building was used over and over as the girls wanted pictures with different dresses on.  We walked down by the parks pond for individual pictures, group pictures by the stone walls and on the grassy green open areas as well as pictures on a conveniently low branch on a tree the girls could sit, lay or stand on. The girls were so tired by then we skipped the Rose Garden and headed for the cars. Deciding , to go back to swim at the hotel & have Pizza for dinner instead of going out to eat. After resting the Divas each made me a scrap book page so I can have a personal page from each of them to add pictures to. The Jr Divas each made a foam sign the read I Want It All then made me a page once the big girls were finished.  

Sunday morning the girls slept in later than expected so we had to rush to pack up after showers to load the cars. We headed then to the large indoor mall for our final activity before parting ways what weekend is not complete without a MALL SCAVENGER HUNT!! We divided into 2 groups and the digital cameras & cash were distributed. The rules for the hunt were given on a Diva themed clip board to the girls & one to the accompanying adult. We reviewed the rules and the teams were off!  Mall Scavenger Hunt  RULES - Break the rules & whole team in disqualified!! 

2)   Teams must stay together at all times (even for bathroom breaks)  
3)      Only one team allowed in a store at a time…if you enter a store and the other team is already there, you must relocate.  
5)   Teams must be courteous and respectful of sales clerks, other shoppers, their chaperones, each other, etc.  
6)   If a sales clerk is assisting a customer, do not interrupt, wait patiently.  
7)   You may only spend the money that has been provided for you…no spending your own personal money.  
8)    If you knock something off a shelf, rack, etc, you must put it back in its place.  
9)    You may complete your tasks in any order that you choose.  

TO BUY Better Keep Your Receipt!!    1 tube of fruit flavored Lip Gloss.  1 pair of Socks with toes.   Card with a pair of earrings for each of you. 1 Birthday Card for Sierra  1 bottle of Bath & Body Works Lotion    Book mark from Barnes & Noble.   1 Disney Dollar from Disney Store.   Each girl a cookie Bottle of Purple Nail Polish.   Multi-colored Bracelets.   Pink Nail File.   Rhinestone Tiara Glitter Body Spray or Glitter Eye Shadow.   Photo booth photo of the group.   Cute patch or cartoon Button  TO FIND & COLLECT   Napkin from the food court  needs to have restaurant logo.  How much does the new Taylor Swift CD cost?     $_____________  How much are the least expensive sunglasses at Sunglass Hut?    $_____________  .  T-Mobile Phone Brochure.   Information on Disney Vacations.   Shopping bag from Claire's.   Receipt from Justice for Girls

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