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Hollywood Night Out Party -14yr- Movie Theater



January 2012


Lauren in Bristol Uk


Hollywood Star Party

My Birthday Party was In September and me and my friends had a great time! It was for my 14th birthday and I Invited girls and guys! Firstly I chose a guest list of 30 girls and 30 guys, and I gave each guest beforehand to choose a partner to enter my party with( Like a red carpet effect)! The dress code was guys- suits and girls- evening/prom dresses! I hired a Cinema theatre and after 25 people came to tgi Fridays for a meal, Then 6 girls slept at my house and the next day we had a weekend at centre parcs(for all you Americans that don't know centre parcs look on Google, its an amazing  weekend fun filled retreat!) 

INVITATIONS**- For my invites I got a couple of my best friends around to help because I had 60 Invites to make, we did them on gold card in a gold envelope with their name written in bold black fancy writing on the front, addressed them like; Mr or Miss! On the gold card I did a shiny gold border with sticky gold foil(Found on art shops online) and wrote the details; time, date and dress code! Then inside the envelope I put gold confetti!

For the girls who came to my house I made a special invite I got scrap booking equiptment and did a collage with pictures of us! I added the details in a silver gel pen and Rolled them up and put a silver ribbon round them! 

DECORATION***-  I couldn't decorate the movie theatre but I bought a red carpet for the entrance and my family friend acted as a suited bodyguard at the door handing out glasses of non alcoholic wine, I had made a massive poster saying 'Lauren's birthday bash' on the door of the movie theatre inside! 

At tgi Fridays I got gold and silver balloons and banners to tie on the chairs and added table confetti! At my house I Just did a really girly sleepover on the floor with pink balloons and pink blankets, pillows and bedding! 

ACTIVITIES&GAMES***- At my house I got lots of magazines and nail paints so we could do a spa kinda thing! We played just dance on the wii and had a tournament! At the end of the cinema we got photos in our friendship groups and altogether! 

COSTUMES***- Girls- prom/evening dresses- I wore a long purple sleeveless dress with purple sequins at the top,with an organza shawl and nude high heels! Guys- A suit - My Partner wore a grey suit with a black tie and black shoes! 

Party Snacks***-  At my house we had a chocolate fountain, by the side I put wooden skewers and marshmallows, strawberries, banana chunks and pineapple! We had a large meal so we didn't do many snacks! 

CAKE***- I had my cake especially made in block capitals in black, it said 'happy birthday 14th Lauren' and it had an old fashioned black camera, a cartoon box of pop corn and a carton version of the dress I wore! The Background of the cake was plain sparkly white!Inside it was chocolate! 

FAVOURS***- For the favours I got glittery silver bags and decorated them with ribbon and curled it, I put a nail paint, Starbucks voucher, a cupcake in a box, lip gloss and two photos! For the Guys I got a CD,a cupcake in a box, two photos a small lynx and a Starbucks voucher!  Enjoy your birthday!

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