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Hollywood Party -13yr- Red Velvet Cupcakes



July 2011


Katie in Minnesota, USA


Hollywood Star Party

This year I turned 13, so I wanted it to be the best party I have ever had because I'm now a teenager. I decided on Hollywood because all of my friends love to dress up and be divas! There were 8 girls there. 

INVITATION: I got these cute ticket shaped invites from Party City and they had the usual info; When...Where...Time...R.S.V.P.

DECORATIONS: I have a nice size basement so that was our party space. We also used my Kitchen/Dining Room for Dinner. I bought a movie scene marker and that was used as a decoration. I also bought a couple paper decorations. I made a Hollywood sign out of strong off-white paper. It wasn't the right kind of white so I painted it. Each of the girls signed a large gold cardstock star with their name on it and we put them in a line on my kitchen floor. I put a couple of bunches of 1 black, 1 silver, 1 gold and 1 Hollywood balloon in places around the kitchen. In the basement we had a red carpet coming down from the stairs.

GAMES/ACTIVITIES: In the beginning we played a game of Apples to Apples for a while. Then we all took turns walking down the runway(red carpet) while taking pictures. We did some with two people too. Next we played a game called Name the Star". I cutout new and old pictures of celebrities. There were 13 celebrities and 4 bonuses. The person who had the most right got a prize.  After that we went upstairs and had dinner.

After dinner we decided to play Pin the tiara on the "It" girl. It is like pin the tail on the donkey but we changed it up a bit. We put everyone's name in a hat and then we drew 1 name. That person is the "It" girl. Someone else was blindfolded and they had a tiara in their hand. The blindfolded girl had to try to get the tiara on the "It" girl's head. Whoever got it on her head or the closest won a prize.

We did the oscars next. Some of the catagories were Best Dressed Best Hair Best Makeup and there were more. Everyone got an award and gave an award. We videotaped it on a couple of cameras. After that we played fill in the blank lyrics. We made 2 teams of 3 and 1 team of 2. I typed up a bunch of lyrics from many different songs and there were blanks to fill in the rest of the line. The team that got the most right got a prize. At the end we played would you rather and told stories for awhile.

COSTUMES: In the invitation I added to have everyone wear a dress and look fabulous. 

FOOD/SNACKS: For snacks we had rolos in black top-hats. We also had popcorn pop and water. For dinner we had salads first. Then penne pasta with marinara sauce. We also made french loaf bread. We also had Jell-O with watermelon balls as an appetizer. 

CAKE: This year my mom and I made cupcakes instead of cake. They were red velvet which is perfect for a Hollywood theme. We frosted them with a buttercream frosting and put 13 in a shape of a 13. After we ate cupcakes I opened presents.

PRIZES: For prizes we had packs of gum. Everyone got only 1 so it would be fair.

FAVORS: I gave each girl a box of movie theater candy a bag of popcorn a certificate for a free movie rental and a star shaped cookie. They also got to bring their star and award home.  This was the most fun I have ever had planning a party. After my party ended one of my friends that came texted me and said that it was the best party she has ever been to. All in all this was a great party!"

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