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Night of Stars Party -13yr- Scavenger Hunt



January 2007


Christina in Glendale AZ America

Honorable Mention

Hollywood Star Party

For my 13th birthday I wanted to do something that is familiar to all my friends, but is different from anything they had ever seen.  To complete this idea I chose a Night with the Stars theme.

INVITATIONS:  I looked on ebay and found a lot of 50 film canisters.  I took those and printed a silver sticker using special paper and microsoft word that said YOU'RE INVITED... on the inside there were silver confetti and a small piece of paper with the party information on it.  It was written in swirly font and recomended that kids bring a swimsuit if they wanted to swim.  I then tied some curly ribbon to the top and passed them out.  They were a BIG hit!!!

DECORATIONS: I love this part!!!  Starting with the front yard, I blew up large pictures of me and posted them on the garage doors.  I took a long piece of wood and cut it into a crown shape with some help from my dad.  I painted it black with large silver letters that read ENTER VIP AREA HERE.  It looked awesome!  I hung streamers from the top of the garage doors so that it looked like huge curtains.  I did a traditional silver and black balloon arch.  I found some really inexpensive spotlight looking lights at Walmart wich looked great shining on the front of our house.  Covering the bushes in my front yard was a big piece of cardboard that i cut into a hill looking shape.  Then I took big white letters and spelled out HOLLYWOOD across them. 

In the house I took a huge sparkly curtain and hung it by the entry way.  I had a lot of people coming so I had a sign in sheet with a couple adults by the door so when people came in the door they signed in and put down there presents.  The back yard was the best!!!  I stapled together a five foot tall box and painted it silver and black striped.  I then blew up yellow balloons and had them 'cascading' out of the box.  It was a movie popcorn box!  This looked so amazing and was a great picture taking spot.  I hung white Christmas lightsfrom the patio cover which made everything glisten in the moonlight.  Black streamers hung everywhere accompanied by silver balloons.  I had stand ups of celebs like Beyonce and Johnny Depp which people loved taking pictures with.  On the TV inside we had a DVD of a musical production I had been in on which was a great touch. 

ACTIVITIES:  When people first got there, they were rushed to by a man in a tuxedo and a microphone.  Each person was interviewed and taped walking down the red carpet.  Music played for a while everyone arrived, then it was time for the first game.  I split everyone into teams by popping a balloon that had a colored slip of paper in it.  

Then everyone had exactly 45 minutes to scavenger as many materials as they could and the team that had the most would win 5 dollar starbucks card.  This really got the competeive juices flowing!  The things on the list were very starange like a hershey's kiss and scotch tape.  I decided to put in a twist by putting in extra little clues like I HEAR THE WILLIAM'S FAMILY HAS A LOT OF STAR SHAPED SPRINKLES.  I also threw in 'stunts' which were extra fun.  They said things like GO TO A HOUSE AND TRY TO CONVINCE SOMEONE YOU’RE A FAMOUR CELEBRITY.  IF YOU FINISH THIS TASK THIS COUNTS AS THREE ITEMS ON YOUR LIST!!! I included a lot of things that related to celebs and hollywood. To make sure no 'fighting' occurred, I set boundaries for each team so that they wouldn't collide.  This turned out great and nobody really cared about the prizes. 

Another game we did was Best or Worsed Dressed?  The same teams had to create an outfit out of feather boas, shiny fabrics, and other random things.  I would then model them down the runway and all the parents would decide who won.  Cameras are a must during this game!!! 

The last game was Shining Star.  This was by far the most fun!!  The same teams were to sing and dance to a song of there choice (I made a list of songs like Funkytown, Ice Ice Baby, and Kung Fu Fighting!)  The performance was hilarious!!!  After opening cake and presents, we watched a video of the interviews, clips of the scavenger hunt, and the performances!  Kids swam and jacuziied for the last hour. 

FOOD:  I had soda (of course).  I placed out star-shaped sandwichs, chips and dip, fruit, and pizza.  I decorated star shaped cookies, cupcakes, and rice krispies.  I had fruit, cake, and marshmallows at the base of a chocolate fountain.  The cake was a 3 tier white and chocolate cake. It was made up of three stars that were silver and white. It was covered in swirls and stars of different shapes and sizes.  It was topped with three star shaped loolipops.  It was gorgeous!!! 

THANK_YOUS:  My thank-you's were a copied disk of there team's performance and there red carpet interview.  This party was the most amazing yet!!!!!!!

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