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Past Decades Party -14yr- Trivia Game



June 2007


Victoria in Pearl River, Louisisna, United States


Fifties 50s Party

For my 14th birthday party, i wanted something original and different. I wanted something no one has ever done before. I thought of a theme BACK IN THE DECADES.

I invited 15 people, 5 people per decade/team. i chose three decades that I thought everyone would know about, 70's, 80's and the 90's. On the invitations, i put the normal stuff and then put which decade they would come dressed as to the party. 

Everyone arrived to the party at 4pm dressed in their decade. It was a lot of fun to see what everyone came up with!  First, we did a fashion show, this was so that everyone could see whose outfit they liked better, then we voted. The winner recieved a $5 giftcard to starbucks.

Then, we went into the kitchen and munched on snacks that kids from those decades would eat such as rice crispie treats, potato chips, soda. After that, we all went into the den and my mom explained the rules to our back through the decades talent show. Each decade was to individually get together with their group, pick a song provided, and add in choreography; but all in under 35 minutes!

We were allowed to use w/e props we needed, which made it a lot more fun. My group did girls just wanna have fun." we had shoppig bags boas and big sunglasses. it was really cute! Then once time was up we had to perform them in front of everyone. It was a lot of fun to see what everyone came up with. Then each indiual person voted on who they thought would be the winner but you couldn't vote for yourself. Then each person in that group won 100 grand the candy bar ;].

Then we ate more food and caught up on any new gossip. (my birthday is in the summer so we hadn't seen each other in a while.There was a lot of catching up to do!)

Then we met back in the den and started TRIVIA. my mom led it. she was the host.  Each decade group was given a card that my mom made and decorated with different little things about that decade like clothing styles hair styles popular cars movie stars etc. from that decade. they had exactly 1 minute to examine the card. Once time was up we began trivia. One person at a time would go up and answer a question about their decade. This formed a point system. The winning team recieved kisses (1 bag of hershey kisses per player on the team.)

Then we went into my kitchen and ate Canes chicken potato salad baked beans and green salad. It was good. Then we did the limbo. It was a popular game in the 80's. The winner recieved a $5 giftcard to PJ's. Then we had the regular cake and ice cream. and then i opened my presents. By then it was around 7pm. We started watching My Girl which came out in the 80's.

After that it was around 8:40. We all went outside on the deck and made smores around the fire pit and talked for almost an hour. Everyone went home at 9:30 except for my two best friends. They slept over and we watched scary movies until like 4 in the morning. It was a lot of fun. This was by far the best party I have had. Not only is everyone still talking about it but believe it or not I had A LOT of fun planning it. I hope you can use some of my ideas put a twist to it and make your party just as special. "

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