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Grease Movie Party - T-Birds Coat



May 2007


Katrina in Peterborough, Cambs, England


Fifties 50s Party

My niece was obessed with the movie 'Grease' so we wanted to do something with that theme.

We sent out homemade invites with a background of Danny and Sandy from the film and asking the guests to come in either Grease themed or 50s America/cheerleader dress.

We decorated the house with huge cut outs of juke boxes, record discs and dancing couples and bought tableware covered in American flag colours.

My son dressed in the trademark white t shirt and faded blue jeans. I got him a cheap fake leather coat from a charity store then tipexxed the Tbirds logo onto the back. It looked fantastic! Lots of the girls came in fluffy skirts or capri pants and loafers.

Food was typical diner stuff; hot dogs, burgers, fries, knickerbocker glorys etc.

Games were a quiz on the movie itself, a fancy dress competition, singalongagrease from a kareoke video and guess the character from the movie.

We also had an individual kareoke contest with prizes for the best. This was an amazing party and one that my niece still talks about to this day!

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