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Dance Party -13yr- Donation Gifts Only



April 2008


Ali in Chicago, IL....USA


Teen Dance Party

This year is my 13th birthday...and what better way to spend it then a DANCE PARTY

The invitations can be whatever you want them to be...sit down with your daughter/son and think up basic invitation looks that he/she enjoys (unless it is a suprise party...then you are on you own...maybe ask what their 2 favorite colors are or something).

Snacks the easiest part of any party try chips and dip, cupcakes, pizza bites (a hit at every party I have ever had), pretzels, and tons and tons of SODA. We will be having a dj (but if you don't want to spend a lot of money then ask a teen family friend to play good music) dance compatitions are always fun! Form a circle and let 2 people battle it out! So much fun decorations should be simple but fun like disco ball, streamers, confetti thrown everywhere, etc.

My dad is a photographer so taking pictures wont be hard but taking pictures is probably one of the best ways to remember a fun night like this. We don't get to dress up often so my friends and I love to make every one wear dresses and nice clothes so fun! But sweatpants and jeans are good too.

Boy/girl parties are fun but make sure there are supervisors (boys can't leave them alone).

Instead of gifts we will be collecting donations for the Invisible Children organization (a cause that means the world to us).

The hostess/host needs to be the one to get everyone out of their chairs and on the dance floor. It's easier when everyone knows eachother. This particular party idea has been used 8 times within our school year so it is definitely popular! I recommend this to everyone keep in mind simple can be better soooo don't spend billions and trillions of dollars on fondue fountains, party favors, and stuff like that.

Also dressing up as you favorite celeb is fun and funny (my friends came as brad and angelina and I was dressed as elle woods from legally blonde lol!) Also we love candy so if you do door prizes. CANDY is a great prize or money (just kidding about the money thing). So, try this, enjoy it, love it, PASS IT ON. Thanks!

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