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Nightclub Party -18yr- New York Club Feel



March 2008


Donna in Elkhart, IN


Teen Dance Party

We are thowing a nightclub themed party for my niece's 18th birthday.

We wanted to create a buzz, so we sent out inviations atached to glow sticks. We stressed that they are to come in club attire and wear their glow stick braceletts.

For that real New York Club feel, we have a red carpet out front and a secutity guard (dad) will be letting people in at his own discression at first, just for fun, but then, of course, everyone will be allowed in. Their hand will be stamped with a glow in the dark stamper as they enter and are immidiately blown away by the thumpa-thumpa of the DJ club music, the flashing of the stobe lights, and the extravagance of the d├ęcor.

For decorations, we have covered the walls of our huge pole barn with paper and material that glow under black lighs. We have built a dance floor that has plexi glass risers in three of the corners. In the forth corner we have secured a dance pole. In the center of the dance floor we have a dance cage.

Stobe lights shot out from under the risers and disco balls and lazer lights flash from areas around the room. We have rented a DJ who will play club music for the first hour, then will switch to Kareoke for a few hours, (to entertain those who don't like to dance) then back to dance music.

There is a stage at the front of the barn for the kareoke singers to perform under a spot light. We have a bar in the back of he room, with a bar tendender (an uncle) seriving virgin drinks in neon glasses with fruits and umbrella garnishments. There is a big screen TV behind the bar for people to watch the singers and the dancers that our cameras will be filming.

For a party favor, copies of this recording will be burned on DVD's for each guest. We will have food stations set up with easy to carry arround food, like walking tocos, chicken stips on a stick, etc. along with nuts and pretzels set on the bar and tables around the room. We also have a make your own sudae bar.

Her birthday cake will be a cake surrounded with 18 cupcakes, that will have sparklers, instead of candels, to be rolled in on a cart toward the end of the party and will look great under the stob and black lights.

For more of that New York Club feel we have a plush vip room filled wih a candy bar, non-alcoholic jello shots, non-alcoholic champaign, and video games. Thoughout the night people will win passes to go back there. We can't wait until this weekend to see if it all goes as planned.

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