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Night Club Party -13yr- Giant Backyard Party



January 2007


Taylor in Indiana,USA


Teen Dance Party

For my thirteenth birthday I am having a night club themed party.

INVITATIONS; For my invitations I am making something that looks like a flyer It will say (your name)'s night club and it will have all the details on it. Then I will pass them out at school. (I will be inviting about 50-70 kids)

LOCATION; I have a HUGE backyard so that’s where I will have it (food will be on tables in garage) TIME; 7:30 to 11:00 because I want it to be dark.

DECORATIONS; I will have white christmas lights strung around our privacy fence and I will have strobe lights, disco balls and other nigt club lights.

PRE PARTY; two of my frineds willcome over before the party to help decorate and we will do our make-up and hair

ACTIVITIES; I will have music blasting so kids can dance( I cant have a dj so my dad is hooking up a huge sound system) and I am trying to get a projector so kids who get bored can go behind the barn and watch movies.

FOOD; I am having a lot of geust so I am buying bulk food at Sams Club like chips,chicken fingers, fries and sushi.

CAKE; for the cake part I might just have cupcakes for the big party and my real cake at the after party.

AFTER PARTY; about ten of my friends will stay after for a V.I.P. sleepover This is where we will eat cake I will open my presents then we will do the regular sleepover activities;


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