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Chocolate Party -13yr- Candy Charades



May 2006


Jennifer in Encinco, California, United States


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I love chocolate, so when I turned thirteen years old, I planned my whole party around chocolate.

To  begin, I ordered a bunch of personalized hershey wrappers to send to my friends as invitations --  you could also make them. Each one said HereSheIs in replace of Hersheys and continued on to say "celebrtaing Jen's thirteen birthday." Inside each  wrapper, I placed a hershey bar and a little note to each different friend. Each note specified a  different chocolate that they would have to potray.

For my party, my parents rented out a private room at a resturaunt called Magianos. I got tons of hershey kisses and scattered them all around the room and placed tons of hersehy bars across the tables. To make things more choclatey my  parents ordered a giant hershey bar to place on a pole as the centerpiece for the table. It looked  amazing, and the party was even greater.

When all the guests arrived, they received fancy chocolate drinks and their choice of a chocolaty desert. Then, we all sat down and played a game with the little notes I had placed in their invitations. Each friend had to give clues to what kind of chocolate candy they were, kind of like charades.  For instance, I was an m and m so I said, "I'm sweet but  sometimes 'hard' to get along with."

After we ate our deserts, the guests got to pick out their choice  of a salad or pasta. To make things even better, they could get chcolate sprinkled ontop.

Once we  finished at magionos, Each of my guests received shirts with "Hershey" written on them for their  party favors.

The party was a blast and I highly recommend it!

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