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Casino/Vegas Party -13yr- Super-Sized Dice



January 2011


Jaime in Auckland, NZ

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Teen Casino Party

Heeey :) This is the plan for my 13th Birthday I just had. It is a cheap party that only cost me $110 for the whole thing. Food Included! Casino/Las Vegas Party:

Invitations: I first went onto Google and found an image of the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign and pasted that onto a computer document, then made the background black and in white writing, I wrote all of the necessary information like Date: ____ Time: ____ Place: ____ RSVP: ____ and Dress Code: ____. Then I printed them off and placed them in a black or white or red envelope and sent them to my guests. You should probably Invite around 20-40 people for this party.  Venue: I set this party up in my Lounge/Living Room as it is very large and the furniture can be moved out of the way easily (though you could hire a hall or use your garage).

Decorations: Paint 3 cardboard boxes red and stack them on top of each other at the front door of your venue and then paint white dots onto them like dice!I went to my local dollar store and got most of my decorations from there. I got 9 Packets of Red, Black and White Crepe Paper (streamers) and cut them up into strips and hung them from the top of the walls and draped them into the center of the roof.  In the middle where the streamers all met, I hung a Red tissue ball decoration.

I also bought 50 red Balloons, 50 Black Balloons and 50 White Balloons for $4 a set of 50. I blew these up and scattered them ALL over the floor. It looked amazing. I also got some 30 Red Plates, 30 Black Napkins, White cutlery, 30 special casino printed cups and a Red Table cloth from the dollar store for cheap as, as well. My family owns a large fold-out table that we use for camping, so I set that up in the corner and on the night, my dad dressed up in a tux and made special drinks for us teens like Mocktails and Fruit Punch. Also try making it real special by having little shot glasses available filled with un-set jelly mixture. LOL!  Also set up lots of games like darts, Black Jack, (you could even hire a slot machine if you wanted to?)

Play slot machine sounds in the background to make it sound like a casino, and have different games where you gamble money to win money. Make sure to remember that when your guests walk in that you need to give them some fake money like $10000 or something so that they can gamble/play. NO REAL MONEY! At the end, once everyones finished playing games, have an auction of prizes. The guests can use the (fake) money they won to buy prizes :)

Food/Drink/Snacks: Serve Mocktails (NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINKS) Here is a recipe: For example: Margarita Mocktail: 2 oz Sour Drink Mix 2 oz Fresh Lemon Juice 3 oz Carbonated Lemon-Lime Soda. Mix all ingredients together in a blender WITH ICE and then serve in Margarita Glasses with Flavored salt around the tip of the glass and a mini umbrella. For snacks, I just had M&M's, Razzles, Popcorn, Potato Crisps, Chocolate and Other yummy sweets. For dinner, order Pizza or go out and get Takeaways. This will keep your guests happy and that's what they serve at a real casino.

Cake: For me the Cake is almost the biggest part of my birthday. I LOVE CAKES AND DECORATING THEM! But you could just by one from your local bakery is fine. My cake Was a 3 tier Topsy-Turvey Cake which is like each layer is on a different angle, but it was Red Bottom Layer, Back Middle Layer and White top layer. On each layer there was like Poker Chips made out of Fondant and Red Dice and Play Cards (I found these really cool edible ones from a party store in my town! HA) It was Chocolate bottom Layer, Banana Cake Middle Layer and Vanilla Cake top layer. YUM! Me and My mum made it in about 4 hours. That's Pretty Good!

Goody Bags: For the goodie Bags, I Found these cute little stamps that said Casino Party and then had a couple of poker chips on them so I got those little white paper bag things and stamped a stamp onto each of them and filled it up with these cute little chocolate poker chip things. Like a chocolate coin except with a poker chip design. So cute. I didn't spend too much on goody bags because I had so many guests but they loved this.

DURING THE PARTY:::::::::: My guests arrived at 6.00p.m so I sent them into the party room and the look of surprise on their faces when they saw all of the amazing decorations! I put on some music and they just started chatting and dancing while all of the other guests arrived. Once everyone was here, I stood on a chair and with a microphone told everyone that the money they were given was for gambling/play the games with and that at the end, they would be able to buy some special prizes. They started on the games right away and others just danced and chatted or played singstar or Karaoke. Dad made and served yummy mocktails and other smoothies and stuff and the teens just ploughed into the food! It was such a great night and I hope that this helps you with your Party! Love Jaime xxx

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