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Casino Pool Party -15yr- Casino Buffet



May 2009


Daniela in Denver, CO, USA


Teen Casino Party

Okay, I'm not exactly what category this would be in, but this party is a 'different' type of quincenera. I'm Peruvian, so we celebrate the 15th birthday party. Here in the US, though, nobody really knows the traditions of one. Things are very different, so my party will be, too. It'll be more sweet-sixteen type. This is still in the working progress, so here goes. 

PLACE: We are thinking about renting out my grandma's apartment club house and pool.It will be in summer, so mostly everything will take place outside. 

THEME: I wanted a casino 'James Bond' theme, but nobody will wear tuxes to a pool party, so I will ask everyone to dress in either black, white, or red (my favorite colors). I will be wearing a short red dress. To keep the casino theme, I want to have maybe a couple polker tables, and maybe even a pool table (that might be hard to fit in a pool area!).  

DECORATIONS: To keep up with the casino theme, my decorations will be red, black and white. I will have fake palm trees all over, and twinkling lights everywhere. The party will go to night, so there will be tiki torches too. 

ACTIVITIES: This will be a hard one. In Peru, everybody dances. That's all they do at parties. But not here. Plus, my friends don't like my family's music. They listen to salsa and stuff. So dancing will not be a biggie. In the day light, guests can swim, eat, and there will be a volley ball net set up. Maybe there will also be games and contests with prizes.

In the night, they can eat some more, play card games, and do whatever the heck they please! I guess there can be a dancing floor inside for the adults. And in order to (somewhat) keep up with tradition, I will have a first dance with my father. 

FOOD: If it's a casino party, I must have a buffet, of course! We will have Peruvian food, along with some familiar classics. We will be having virgin drinks, such as mocktails. Maybe we can get someone going around offering ordverves, too. 

CAKE: A two-layered cake with white icing, and red and black decorations all over.  Well, I hope this party will be awsome!

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