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Las Vegas Night Party -14yr- Red & Black



February 2009


Marissa in San Diego, California, USA


Teen Casino Party

For my 14th party, I wanted it to be special and unforgetable! I decided to have a Las Vegas Night themed party.

Because Casino's are for +21, I had to make it a little more teenish. I also bought a lot of party supplies online.

For the invitations I went onto Word and put dice, boas, money and martini's in the front. I then rolled up the invitation and laced it with black and red lace. Everyone loved the invitation and couldn't wait for the party.

I was planning this party for about 4 months because I was so excited! :)  When I bought decorations, the main colors were black and red.

My cake was black with red writing. If you're main colors are red and black, buy the same color balloons! I even asked the guys to wear black and the girls to wear red. I wore a las vegas costume that made the guests laugh!

For the games: I decided to give all of my friends fake money and coins. The fake money and coins were used for betting on games and then buying things. We played Black Jack for a long time and then went to some other games.

After we all finished gambling we sat in chairs and started to buy all of the prizes. The cool part was that you didn't know what you were buying. All of the prizes were in a bag with a question mark (?) on it. So when you buy it, you'll never know whats in it. That was also a very fun part.

After we all recieved prizes, we had a disco ball (you can buy this online or at a local party store) and danced. We had a variety of music. From the 50's all the way to present. For the food we had all fingerfoods and chips. That was the end of my party but I think it was the best party I have ever had! People still talk about it now.

I hope this helps for you're party in the future.

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