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Americas Top Model Party -14yr- Limo Ride



December 2008


emily in WI USA

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Americas Next Top Model

This year, I had spent days and days on this site trying to decide what to do for my 14th birthday party- I wanted it to be big because we were going to be graduating from Middle School and all that. Finally, it hit me! An America's Next Top Model party! I planned this party about 2 months in advance with the help of one of my best friends.

PLANNING:  we started out by sending each of my friends a note (send it about one month in andvance so they don't assotiate it with your party) asking them to write a letter to every girl in our group about what they'll never forget or about their inside jokes etc. Everybody had a blast writting and remembering and they all just assumed we were working on some graduation project since we were both into scrapbooking. Then, 2 weeks before the party, we sent out the invitations.

INVITATIONS: we had picked our color scheme to be Gold,Silver,Black and Red (Hollywood colors) so we used plain black paper and wrote with gel Gold and Silver Gel Pens. Then we put them in red envelopes. The Invitations simply read You're invited to Emily's 14th Birthday Party" and then had all the information. We didn't let them know anything about the theme what they would be doing or where they'de be going- it only said it started at 10am! Having my friends not know made them really excited and they kept guessing and asking for clues.

Then the day before the party I gave each of them a white envelope. Inside was a card that was decorated in the style of TYRA MAIL and said "Get ready to pose your way to the top the compititon will be fierce so get ready to bring it on" then below that it said "A good model looks ah-mazing all the time- even when she's sleeping" This was the only clue they got and most of them figured out the theme but had a hard time dicyfering the sleeping clue!

DECORATIONS: We cleaned out my garage and hung a HUGE black sheet directly down the middle. On one side we had one large table covered with makeup and hair products and accessories and 2 clothing racks (borrowed from a friend) that were filled with each girls dressesjeans and wacky accessories and winter wear (we asked the girls to give them to us in advance). On the other side of the curtain was where the photoshoot was. We had one sheet hung on each wall- one red one white and one orange (any bright color would work). The red one also had a latter by it that my dad stood on and sprinkled fake snow on the set.

PARTY: Okay my party started when my friend and I rented a limo for acouple hours starting at 6am. We drove around to each of our friends houses (we invited 9) and woke them all up! This is where the clue came in. We immidiatly put cute blindfolds on each girl and guided them inside the limo. Once all girls were there we let them take their blindfolds off and see that they were in a limo. We went back to my house and had a breakfast of snacky type foods- cinamon rolls fruit etc. Then we blindfolded them up again and took them into our garage.

We explained that they would be competing for America's Next Top Model and that our first photoshoot would be winter themed.

WE assigned everybody a partner and said they had 20 minutes to do makeuphiarcostumes and plan their shoot.They took off their blindfolds and saw the surroundings- we had so much fun getting ready for this shoot! Then each set of partners was called in seperatly and each girl got 15 frames while their partner coached and then 5 frames together.

After the shoot we had our 3 judges (neighbors) pick the partners that did the best job and they got a prize such as makeup or something. Then it was time for a challenge. We got them back in a limo and about halfway to the mall blindfolded them yet again.

WE blindly lead them to the center of the mall and explained the rules of the mall scavenger hunt! I mean models have to be a ble to shop don't they? They had 20 minutes to find everything on our list which were things like business cards perfume samples etc. Whoever won the challenge got 10 extra partner shots. We alternated like that for 3 shoots and 3 challenges the other shoots were themed Prom and gangster( my friends definetly like the act). The other two challenges were to teach them a dance and see who learnes it the best and to give them outragous high heels and big dresses and have a catwalk! It was so much fun! Then we had group shots where we all dressed crazy and stuff. It was one of my best parties ever! I hope you like my idea and have a great party too."

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