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America's Top Model Party - Photo Fashion Contest



January 2008




Americas Next Top Model

All of my friends love America's Next Top Model, and of course we love to take pictures. So, I am planning to have an America's Next Top Model Party.

Invitations: Send your friends (your name) Mail (like Tyra Mail". On it and get ready to pose your way to the top. What to bring: Bring one pair of blue jeans a tank top or cami a dress and heels accessories and make up.

The competition will be fierce so get ready to bring it on!" Before the photo shoots: Have the guests paired in teams of two so they can coach each other. Have an area set up for them to do each other's hair and makeup. Then have them get dressed in their jeans and tank tops. You can have this first photo shoot almost anywhere. For example you can do it by a tree or on a dock by the water. Have your parents take the pictures. Each girl gets 15 frames while their partner watches and gives tips. They also get 5 frames modeling together.

Next put the photos on the computer and allow the girls to choose their best photo. Then have all the girls gather up for judging panel and display all the photos the girls' picked as their favorite. Then have the girls vote for their favorite picture (without voting for their picture or their partner's picture). Announce the winner and give them a prize such as makeup. Before getting started on the second photo shoot it's time for a challenge.

Models have to be able to move well. So teach the girls a short dance such as Crank dat and pick the best performer and give them and their partner extra frames for their next photo shoot. 

For the second photo shoot have the girls dress up in their dresses and allow them time to redo make up and hair.

For the set of this photo shoot have a yellow background (or any other bright color- you can do this by hanging a bed sheet or a piece of cloth) with cute chairs tables or anything else.

For the twist have them pose with brightly colored flowers. Allow each girl 15 frames alone and 5 together. After this have another judging panel. Next give them another challenge this time a runway walking challenge. Pick a winner and give them a prize.

For the last photo shoot the theme is high fashion. Have a bin of dress up clothes and allow the girls to pick out outfits that look runway like. Have another judging panel and vote for another winner.  Then award each girl a prize for a different category. For example for most photogenic give a disposable camera etc.

When you're finished have dinner and a movie. While the girls are watching the movie have all the photos printed out and make them into a magazine for each girl to take home I hope you are inspired by my birthday party idea and have a wonderful birthday yourself!"

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