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Amazing Race (13-14yr) Crossword Start



July 2006


Katie in Auckland, New Zealand

Honorable Mention

Amazing Race Party

Amazing Race Birthday 13-14 year olds.Outrun Outwit Out-party!!! Be in the hit TV show for a day with all your friends, and see how much they talk about it weeks afterwards! GUESTS: Invite a maximum of 8 people (including birthday girl/boy), so that you can have 4 groups of 2. We found that the maximum number of people in a group would be 3. To work out teams, you need to group people together that you know will work well together, get along and at least 1 people in each team that knows the area. We had 3 groups of 2, all girls. Each of these teams needs to have a special, unique name. Our teams were: Vera, Rua and Sook Jai.

INVITATIONS: For each invite we printed off 1 amazing race logo (and cut out a rectangle near the bottom), a bit of green card and some printed off writing with a witty saying like- OUT WIT, OUT LAST, OUT PARTY!

TO make up the invites, I folded the card into fours. I then stuck the saying onto the card and glued the logo on top of the saying. I then hand wrote the inside, saying the usual party info. You need to say to bring, running shoes and raincoats and fully charged mobile phone (you will need 1 on each team at least). Once I had completed them I placed them in an envelope, with a sprinkling of sequins. I must say that they looked HOT!! It may take a while but it is worth it! 

EQUIPMENT: All these teams were also different colours- blue, green and red. To identify the different teams me and my mum went down to the local fabric shop and brought enough material for 2 bands of each colour. Mum hemmed them and then with marker I wrote the team names on each band. These bands had to be worn through out the entire race and were given to each team member as they arrived. All teams also had a clipboard (with local area map and for clues), drink bottles, bag and pencils and erasers.

THE DAY: The race started at about 1.30pm. The first challenge was for people to get the idea of what the b day party was all about. It was a crossword, which had to be unscrambled, the first team to complete it was the first team to get the next clue and have a minute head start (for safety reasons, parents didn't want everyone spread out). The first clue was directed at my brother's house, which is nearby. He and his girlfriend had organised challenges. 1 person did each challenge.

There was eating bran weetbix (ewwwww), making a card tower with all the cards and at least two-stories and shooting toy animals in some of their plants with a toy gun (that was REALLY fun!). There was also the finding of the next clue in the hedge. We then run our way through the local park doing road-blocks like finding our colour band in a forest of trees, counting blocks on a monument, writing our name in stone valley and running up and down the HUGE hill TWICE!

That was only half way. Just before going out of the park we had a pit stop at one of the park's BBQs with chips, drinks and sweets (for sugar burst). We then had to find a jar with some money inside, in one of the park's secret areas. With this money, we went to the local dairy and brought to bags of lollies of our chose. We were told we could eat them, but we did not know wat we were going to go with them. When everyone got home (around 5ish), we were told that we needed to make a lolly chain, and the largest got the clue first.

So my team Sook Jai, were down the toilet (We had eaten most of them)!! We then went outside and filled up buckets with holes in them to the line, the first one completed had to tie their bans to a stake and they were the winners!!! (Yes that was SOOK JAI WOOT WOOT). We then had small dinner and chocolate cheesecake for dessert. We then settled down to watch a movie, and then stayed up all night talking girly teenagerish stuff. It was a GREAT birthday.

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