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Country Girl Sweet 16 Mud Boggin' & Bonfire



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Prudence in Hampton, Arkansas USA

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Sweet 16 Party

October 20, 2015 marked a special milestone in my baby girl's life as a young lady. Tori, my daughter wanted her sweet 16 to be "EPIC", as the kids say. We are from South Arkansas, Hampton, to be exact. A very small town, population, 1291. Where the kids live for playing in the mud. Our theme was easy.

Invitations: These were all sent out via Facebook. They were witty and screamed fun. RSVP, everyone we invited responded almost immediately with, "we will be there", and everyone was. 

Costumes: This was easy enough. I put on the invitations for all to be ready to go play in the mud so wear old clothes and bring a change for after.

Activities: Activities were simple enough to arrange. On the invites we stated BYOATV (bring your own ATV), & enjoy some mud. There were several 4 wheelers & mud bustin ATV's & such. We didn't have to do a rain dance cuz we got lots of rain during that week. There was plenty of mud to bust off in. We had grown-ups in the lead, when they busted off in the mud. It was so much fun.

They stopped at a big mud hole in the end and decided to play in the mud, me included. I wasn't planning on it either. Tori, already covered with mud from head to toe, was like, "Mommy, my eye!" & of course I fell into her trap as she grabbed my hand & took me down with her into the mud. I was like "ugggghhh"... but after, I just laughed. It was so fun. I know, crazy, right? But, it truly!

Games: I suppose we can classify the next bit of fun as games. I decided to break out the balloons, not water balloons, but balloons filled with muddy water. Rules were simple, keep it safe. No head shots, all was good, all was much laughter. This party was a big hit with everyone, so far.

Food: At this point, everyone was tired & hungry, so we headed back to the house where all the adults were waiting patiently for the party to begin so they could go home.  When we got home, pizza was waiting for us! Thanks, Dad!

Cake: Time for the party to begin, cake & gifts The cake was none other than the "Arkansas Dirt Cake", Tori's  favorite. She helped me make it also. Two big bowls of ice box chilled, cream cheese, cool whip, Oreo's, & pudding all mixed together YUM!! We had cheesecake also, another big hit. She opened her gifts & as the guests were leaving, she hugged em all & told em thank you.

Party's not over yet. She had a sleepover, as stated on the invites, the boys had to leave at midnight. Later on in the evening, with a bonfire & music blaring, the kids danced & had a weinie roast & just sit by the fire & chilled till time for the boys to leave.

Then the girls slumbered, boy did they ever slumber. I did too, we were all wore out.

Favors: Party favors were handed out as everyone arrived. I made sure they all had sunglasses & a ball cap for the mud ride. I also took a picture of the group, covered in mud from head to toe. I made sure that they all got a copy of it later on.

Decorations:  Since the party was outdoors, I decided there was no need for any decorations.

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